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Ha Giang Loop – Motorbike Adventure Northern Vietnam

The Northern Ha Gang Loop in Vietnam, starts in Ha Giang and leads towards Quan Ba (Twin Mountains) and Yen Minh towards Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark. From there an extra small loop can be done to visit Lung Cu Flag tower at the border with China. Continuing the loop leads us through the famous Ma Pi Leng Pass, which is the most stunning mountain pass of the country. At an altitude of around 1500 meters local ethnic people, mainly Zao, Hmong, Tay and LoLo built it. From the pass the loop takes us via Meo Vac and Lung Phin back to Ha Gang. This area is simply mind blowing beautiful.

The area is the most northern province of Vietnam and borders China. The capital city is located along the Lô River. Ha Giang is still less travelled and somewhat unknown for the general public but it is for sure one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. A hidden gem worth visiting!

The province holds the most spectacular landscapes, which are dotted with forested limestone peaks and rough granite mountains. Mainly ethnic people live in this area, like Zao, Hmong, Tay and LoLo. For a lot of travellers the most spectacular part of their Vietnam trip so join us on one of our special designed trips by motorbike or car.

As you all may know, motorcycling is basically illegal in Vietnam. To be able to drive legally, you actually need a Vietnamese driving license for a motorcycle and in practice these are always linked to a residence permit. The government does not issue these on tourist visas. We know that the police often turn a blind eye if people can show an international driver’s license, but that doesn’t absolve you of liability if you cause or are involved in an accident. In such a case, it still applies that you are actually driving illegally and you should not have been on that spot. So in such a situation you are held responsible and can get into big trouble, imprisonment is certainly not excluded.

Our motorbike tours are therefore set up in such a way that you ride safely and relaxed on the back.


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