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Welcome to the Get Up And Go Vietnam website. At Get Up And Go Vietnam, we naturally focus on quality and service, but more importantly, on a personal approach. We understand better than anyone that not everyone has the same interests or travel style. We also see that not everyone has the same amount of vacation days and also that budgets differ. Besides that, choices to visit certain areas in Vietnam also often depend on the season, which we for sure consider.

As an employer, we find it important that our employees enjoy their work and internal training and gaining experience at outdoor locations is very important. Perhaps even more important is to give them the freedom and confidence to organize their work in a way that suits them best so that they feel engaged and valued.


My name is Eric and I’ve been living in Hanoi, Vietnam, for already 9 years. My first trip to Vietnam was already in 2006 and until 2013, I traveled extensively and often several times a year through this beautiful and versatile country. In 2014 I decided to settle myself in Hanoi to start Get Up And Go Vietnam – Travel Company. During that period, I met my wife Hue and since 2018 we have been married. In January 2020 we became the lucky parents of our daughter Liv and in October 2021 of our son Max. Vietnam is a fantastic country to live and travel in and the interaction with our customers to compose the perfect for them is what I like the most. I am glad, not just for us but also for many local people, that we can finally restart the business we love. A very warm welcome to all!


My name is Hue.


My name is Huyen. 


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Hanoi City, Vietnam


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